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Being Young and Spiritual

Welcome to the Caribbean Connecting Consciousness Being Young and Spiritual section. In these challenging times, our younger generations yearn for positive, meaningful connections.
Connecting Consciousness provides our young members a safe space where they can share their beliefs and connect to other like-minded, spiritual, young individuals who are also in their spiritual quest. Our young members are awake and aware of the fact that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience in this journey we call life. If this resonates with you, come join us!

Spirituality, like any skill, takes time to cultivate and requires some dedication. Some need an experience, a glimpse of the magic that exists beyond, to awaken that knowledge, while others are born with that instinct already activated, even if they don’t know how to identify it. In my case, it was a combination of both.

I grew up in a deeply spiritual family. It was never something that was pushed on me, but it influenced the way I was raised. I was always taught to trust my intuition and the power of manifestation, that I could use my mind to my advantage. However, I did not always understand the values that were instilled in me. It’s hard to understand your own power in a world that does everything to take it away from you. My family provided me with the tools, but it was my desire to understand myself and my surroundings that led me to search, to discover that I am more than this incarnation, that the world is more than what is perceived with the five senses. That knowledge has changed my life forever.

Spiritual awakening has been a blessing, but it has not come without its challenges. In our society the truly spiritual people are in the minority, especially if you are young. Young people, particularly those in adolescence, live in a period of transition to adulthood: they are in the process of getting to know themselves and typically lack the emotional and mental maturity that comes with older age. Furthermore, they are routinely bombarded with different ideologies that promote hate and materialism and everything that distances one from finding their higher self. For the young people who see beyond that, it can be difficult to integrate into society.

All my life I have been a loner, never fitting in with my classmates, a feeling that increased when I discovered spirituality. Whether you are well assimilated or not, there will always be that essence that distinguishes you from the rest. Small talk and gossip, even if you tolerate it for a while, bore you, because you are looking for something deeper that no one can offer you. You don’t know how to talk about these issues to your peers, for fear of being ridiculed or simply because you know they won’t get it. At the worst moments, you feel a deep loneliness, because you can’t interact with others like everyone else does, yet you long for emotional connections and for someone to really understand you.

Even so, in these lowest moments you find comfort, because you know that in reality you are not alone, your angels accompany you, your guides, your star family accompany you. You know that you are more than this experience and that everything will pass. Spirituality brings a great feeling of hope and a different perspective on life. When you go through difficult stages in life, you know that everything happens for a reason, and that it will benefit your growth in the long run. Those who do not know that, may not be so easily consoled and the lack of that knowledge may even increase their suffering unnecessarily. You may even be able to pass that wisdom on to someone else, offering them a new way of thinking they’ve never considered. With nothing but your presence, your energy illuminates your surroundings, even if you don’t know it.

Having the tool of spirituality as a young person is a wonderful thing; it allows you to evolve in a way that others your age could not and directs you with certainty towards your purpose in life. This is not to say that spiritual youth are perfect; on the contrary, they make mistakes just like any other young person or like any human, but they know how to take advantage of those mistakes. It is definitely not easy, but it is a unique experience, unique for each young person, because we all reach this point of awareness on our own path and continue onwards. Awakening is a constant journey. It is a great adventure that I would not give up for anything in the world.